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Equine Elders

The intuitive power of equines offers healing and comfort to our senior, Alzheimers and  dementia clients. Interacting with horses has a unique way of bringing back life memories that have been forgotten as well as favorably impacting client cognition and mood. Caregivers have reported that their clients and loved ones are happier and calmer for up to two weeks after each visit. Our program has provided individuals with improved social interaction, self confidence and esteem, motor skills, memory processing and joy!

Our senior program sessions combine a number of unmounted activities based on the Equine Assisted Learning model (EAL). Each session is carefully crafted to provide our clients with physical activity, memory and speech stimulation, access to a safe, outdoor environment and an emotional connection with an animal.

The program is based on studies from Ohio State University, UC Davis and other academic research. We keep up to date on new studies to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.


Caregiver Respite Retreats

Everyone needs a break, and our Group Caregiver Retreats offer just that. By creating a safe, fun environment we can focus on self-care, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Whether your loved one is at home, in a care facility or has passed, this retreat is for you. Our retreats will give you the opportunity to work directly with the horses; engaging in activities to disconnect from day-to-day life.


Through a blend of experiential activities, mindfulness, and camaraderie with the horses and peers, we will support the healing of the mind, body, and spirit as well as offer the perspective to experience deeper personal awareness.


This is a non-mounted retreat, all interactions with the horses will be done safely, from the ground. Prior horse experience is not required to participate.


Horse Powered Reading®

Experiential Learning Which Focuses on the Learning Process for the Individual Why Horses?

- Horses are natural teachers Horses are sentient beings, and are a lot like us.

- Horses have distinct personalities and defined social roles within the herd, allowing students to identify and form connections with them.

- Horses help us reflect on how we approach relationships, learning and challenges. Because they are prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to their environment. They react to our body language and cues that can give very good insight into what the student is experiencing emotionally during a session. Horses allow for movement in learning .


How do Horses Teach Reading?

During a Horse Powered Reading session, the horse becomes the reading material or “book” students need to connect with. Without finding and making some connection with the text, it is easy to drift away from or lose interest in a book. The horse becomes the metaphor for that connection.


Is Horse Powered Reading Effective?

Yes! Our research has discovered it only takes a few key reading skills combined with motivation, self-efficacy/confidence, and persistence, all of which are taught by the horses, to create an exponential growth in learning.


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