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Meet Our Horses

born 1992

Toby has been with us for over 15 years and is the oldest horse in our herd. He spent his life as a show jumper, competing with and teaching countless girls across the country. He is a kind, gentle and personable horse making him a wonderful therapy partner for our senior participants. His favorite treat and the quickest way to become his favorite is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


born 2000

Sunny came to the program in 2021 after working as a pack mule in the mountains. Originally joining us as a foster, she quickly stole our hearts and secured a forever home with us. She loves to be loved on and told how beautiful she is. Her sweet temperament and endless patience has made her a wonderful companion for all of our clients.

born 2011

Rory joined us in 2017. She came from a farm in Kansas where she was used as a birthday party and parade pony - one of her favorite things to do is pull her cart. She is the sassiest, most opinionated horse in the herd but once you have her respect you’ve got a friend for life.


born 2000

Flower joined the program in 2018 after she was rescued from a feedlot. Her history is unknown, but her crooked foot provides a potential reason why she was surrendered. Despite her disability and questionable history, she has so much love to give. She can be shy at first but will quickly warm up to anyone willing to spend time with her and give her treats.

Lil Joe
born 2000

Lil Joe joined us in 2022 and is the newest member. While he is still learning the ropes of his new job, he is eager to please and has been the perfect addition to the program. When working with clients, his favorite thing is receiving belly rubs.

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